Rustic at The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park

Desney & Aaron  | September 16th The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park

From the bride, Desney:
All in all, we wanted the wedding and the journey to Colorado to be an experience for our guests, a celebration they would never forget. My inspiration was vibrant color and green succulents.  I chose a palette of sage/avocado greens, turquoise and teals, canary yellow and magenta


Our parents were both married for 35 and 37 years respectively, on the day of the wedding.



We got married in this amazing historical barn constructed from five 100+ year-old barns. The property is also a reservoir and a 100-acre wildlife preservation with white buffalo, elk, and deer.  When I decided on this location…things turned completely rustic and DIY.  I already had my heart set on paper flowers, succulents, and billy balls.  I began to grow all my succulent gardens and make paper flowers.


I hand collected antique buttons, which adorned each place card, boutonniere, and bouquet.  I hand-picked an antique button for each member of the wedding party to match their personality.


A bird flew through the top of the barn during the ceremony and scared everyone.  I honestly didn’t hear it at all.  One of my groomsmen, who is apparently terrified of birds, almost ran to hide.JS15JS12JS11JS10

 I rounded up old scrabble sets from family members to form all twelve table numbers.


I found green glass wine bottles to house my variety of colorful Dahlias, and brown stubby Red Stripe bottles to accent the yellow billy balls.  My mother and I found colorful, modern fabric to bring it all together.  I have recently made an art piece for our house using the fabric and 1000’s of colorful beads to remember the day.


JS05JS04We had seven flavors of cake/cupcakes and cherry cobbler for desert. 


I cut my cake to “If you were here, by the Thompson Twins”…the theme song at the end of Sixteen Candles….I love that movie.  JS02

 My advice: Take your time planning and don’t focus on anyone else’s opinion.  It’s your day, not theirs.  Also, if you change your mind about your dress and get a different one…’re not the first girl.JS01


Photographer: Jenn Stone Photography  // Caterer: A Spice of Life  //  Cake: Tee & Cakes  //  Florist: Sturtz & Copeland  // Hair & Makeup: Zinke Knoebel Aveda