From the groom, Nick: We planned our wedding within a matter of a few months. We wanted something very simple, yet beautiful and special.  We did our best to incorporate all of the important touches with the time we had.

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The ceremony was short and sweet. We exchanged vows overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

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After the ceremony, we drove down to Barker Reservoir for some romantic photos by the water. The lighting was amazing and a perfect match to Sara’s beautiful dress.

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Our reception dinner was about being with the people we love and sharing these special moments. Our families had never officially met so that was probably one of the most important parts for us.

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Our cake was a left-hand milk stout cake (stacked) with mountains and trees. We picked the pine cones/greenery to top the cake.


Memorable Moment: A little fox wandered onto the deck to join us about 11pm. I will never forget that. We named him Reginald and declared him the featured guest.


RECOMMENDED VENDORS: Photographer: Rayna McGinnis Photography  //  Cake: Piece, Love and Chocolate   //  Officiant: Reverend Kim Tavendale  //  Venue:  Airbnb rental