Rustic Chic in Steamboat

Emery & Jordan  | August 11th  |  Steamboat Springs, Colorado

From the bride, Emery:
Our wedding had a bit of a rustic-chic feel. We had a large tent with lovely lights strung across the ceiling to create a romantic feel. I wanted to let the scenery stand out, so I tried keeping the extra décor to a minimum. A lot of it was DIY, which I really enjoyed because I had the summer months leading up to the wedding to work on a lot of that.

Jordan and I felt the music, food, and drink was the most important to create a fun, upbeat celebration of our marriage for our guests, who had traveled so far to be with us! So that’s where we wanted to spend our money. I also wanted to incorporate our lives/the things we liked as city people with the feel of Colorado. TomK02

Guests received a taste of Colorado in their welcome bags, with Boulder Chips, water bottles with our wedding logo/colors on them, a coffee mug with our wedding date/names, a special health brownie bar made from Jordan’s mother’s recipe, among other thing. TomK03 TomK04 TomK05 TomK06

I could not possibly have loved my Pronovias dress more. It was a no-fuss, affordable dress with stunning lace detail. TomK07 TomK08

My necklace had my grandmother’s aquamarine, diamond, and pearl earrings that my mother had made for me as a gift (she wore a necklace with the other earring to the wedding). My grandmother had passed away exactly 6 months before the wedding, so that was really special to me. TomK09 TomK10

We had a rain delay before the ceremony, which made everything even more beautiful because after the storm cleared, the temperature dropped to a perfect 75 degrees and the sky just lit up! Honestly, a lot of people ask me now if I “freaked out” when it started raining right before the ceremony, but I didn’t. I was so ready to marry Jordan and so at peace. I didn’t care if it was in a tent, on a mountain, or in the living room. My bridesmaids tell me they’ve never seen a more relaxed bride (surprising since I am very Type A!). Plus, the guests got to enjoy an extra cocktail and the rain ended up cooling things down and creating such a beautiful sky for sunset. Everyone said later that it was his mother and my father making their presence known. Either way, I was so relaxed that I don’t think I noticed anything that went wrong!!


My most memorable moment was walking down the aisle and seeing Jordan. We were both nervous because we hate being the center of attention. But in that moment, everyone else disappeared and I could only see him. Seeing his face—so full of emotion (and he’s not an emotional guy!)—and saying our vows—wow, it was just like being in this special bubble and no one else is in it with you. The setting was so unbelievably gorgeous—I can’t imagine a more perfect moment in time.


We wanted the ceremony to be short and sweet, so we did Top 10 Reasons why we love each other so deeply and wanted to get married, with a couple short Bible readings from Jordan’s sister and a poem (In Praise of Beauty) by my sister-in-law. Jordan really respects the marriage his father and mother had before she passed away, so he wanted his dad to get up and say a few words on love and lasting marriages as well. That was a really touching moment for us.  TomK13 TomK14

The reception was all about good food and dancing. We served the dinner “family style,” with big platters of fresh salmon and chicken at each table for everyone to pass around.  Jordan lost his mother and I lost my father, so we wanted to commemorate them in some way. So, we decided to each name a table after them—“G” for his mother’s nickname and “Purple” for my father’s. In fact, every table had a name special to Jordan and I with a brief description under it. TomK15

We had a “Shotski” made by my stepsisters (a tradition in the family) with shots affixed along the ski. Everyone had a blast drinking from that! TomK16

My advice: It’s cliché—but just try to relax and enjoy every moment. Someone told me to do that—to really focus on the excitement and energy of every moment during that day and what it was really about. And I actually did that. I lived IN the moment. It’s the best thing I could’ve done. So many people get caught up in that one event and let it take over their lives. They stress about every detail up to the last second. Just remember why you’re doing it. And who cares if something goes wrong? You’re marrying your best friend; what could be better than that? TomK17


Photographer: tomKphoto. The best photographer ever. I wanted someone with a unique style who did work with a wide-angle lens and he exceeded my expectations. Very easy to work with and very creative. Really caught the essence of Bella Vista.

Venue: The Bella Vista Estate. I’d definitely recommend it for its stunning views and fun, laid-back atmosphere for renting several days.

Musicians: The Fever, solo guitarist for ceremony, jazz trio for cocktail hour, and 7-piece band for reception. They were incredible!!! Super organized, very detail-oriented, they played such a great mix of current and old hits. Literally everyone was on the dance floor the entire night.

Caterer: Marnos Custom Catering. Best food ever! Seriously. She catered to multiple food allergies and created a healthy but delicious menu. The salmon was the best I’ve ever had.

Florist: Alpine Floral. Susanne—she’s super talented and affordable.

Hair: Brio Salon & Makeup: Apothocari Skin Care. BOTH absolutely amazing. Alicia and Cari Ann are both two of the most talented people I’ve met. My hair and makeup were flawless and exactly what I asked for.

Guest Lodging: Trappeur’s Crossing Resort and Spa

Tent & Party Rentals: Colorado Event Rentals

Honeymoon Location: Chaa Creek Resort (San Ignacio) and Victoria House (Ambergris Caye) in Belize.  I highly recommend both of these hotels…the service was impeccable, the amenities were amazing, the locations absolutely gorgeous. We had such a nice combo of relaxation and exploration.