Kristin & Eric  |  July 17th  |  Vista at Arrowhead- Beaver Creek, Colorado

From the bride:
Our wedding day over exceeded our expectations! We chose Beaver Creek both for its beautiful scenery and it is one of our most favorite places to visit both winter and summer.  We also had gotten engaged there during the previous September during a hiking trip.   Beaver Creek holds a special place in our hearts, and even more so after having our wedding there. 

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 I still get choked up when I remember the walk down with my dad to meet Eric at the altar.  Then seeing Eric’s face and his emotion as I approached him.


Our ceremony was held at the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck. We were surrounded by breathtaking views, and it was secluded enough to where we felt like we had the whole mountain to ourselves.  Rain clouds were rolling in just before the ceremony was set to begin, but held off long enough so we were able to get through the whole ceremony and a few quick group photos before the rain started.
InPhoto04 InPhoto05A double rainbow greeted us at our reception at the Vista at Arrowhead restaurant. InPhoto06

Eric made a wine box. We did our first toast as a couple and stored a second unopened bottle of wine along with a flower from my bridal bouquet and the outlined speech he had written but never used when he asked me to marry him.   The box itself and the items inside hold special memories for us to keep, and revisit in the years to come.

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My grandmother was not able to attend the wedding, however, we chose to do scratch off lottery tickets just before dinner as our wedding favors to find a way to include her in our celebration – those lottery tickets are something she gives out to all the grandchildren each year for Christmas for as long as I can remember.

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We had been reminded by so many people to enjoy every minute of the day because it goes by so fast, and we absolutely did.

We had a great group of wedding vendors that worked so hard to make all the details come together and we couldn’t have asked for anything to be different. 

Rockstar Venue: THE VISTA AT ARROWHEAD ( more info | website).  Great place to have a reception.  We had access to the outdoor patio and the restaurant/bar area for the night.  It was the perfect size, great atmosphere and we had the view of the golf course and mountains in the background which made for great pictures!   The food was excellent, guests were raving about the appetizers and the dinner!   The service was equally great.  All the servers were very friendly and on top of things all night.

Photographer: IN Photography did a fantastic job capturing the whole day for us.  

Event Planner: Joann Moore, Mountains and Meadows. She was so organized and very detailed, things I never would have thought of (ceremony details, reception layout and design, timing of events, etc.) she was on top of it all.   That made things much less stressful, especially for planning a wedding in a different state where we could only go out and visit a couple times to get everything done.

Ceremony site: Beaver Creek Wedding Deck. Most of my most memorable moments took place at this beautiful location.

Cake & Dessert: Mountain Flour made the most wonderful dessert spread, from cookies, to pies to homemade ice-cream and a beautiful rustic cake that went perfectly with our mountain theme.