Magic at Garden of the Gods

Emily & Eric |  November 3rd  |  Colorado Springs

From the photographer, Trystan Photography:
Many people think Colorado is like Canada, or Alaska, heck… even the Midwest: bitter cold and covered in snow in the winter. But they would be mistaken, because while most of Colorado’s High Country is covered in snow, the rest of the state is not, and I think it would be a stretch to call it “bitter cold”. Many days, even up at the ski resorts, a visitor to Colorado might find 50-60 degree days and a whole ton of sunshine (over 300 days a year of sunny skies).

Emily and Eric’s wedding was no exception: while many parts of the country could have been called “cold”, this day at The Garden of the Gods Club was anything but. Warm temperatures, and crystal clear air made the views from the back lawn of The Garden of the Gods Club to… die… for! I love photographing weddings here as it is truly one of the prettiest places on Earth.