Bethany & Tom | September 10th | Kremmling, Colorado

From the bride:
Our wedding took place on my grandfather’s ranch.  It was such a blessing to have such a beautiful place for our wedding that was also sentimental.

Photography by Hergert Photography

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We wanted to keep it very simple and wanted everyone to feel comfortable at our wedding.
Colorado Weddings MagazineMy grandmother (Nana) passed away six months before our wedding. I tried to “remember” her in as many aspects of the wedding as possible.  Along with a poem, wearing her ring, a single flower to place on her empty chair, and keeping the handkerchief she used at her wedding with me, I also had a sprig of rosemary in my bouquet to remember her, which is an Irish tradition.Colorado Weddings Magazine

Colorado Weddings Magazine

Colorado Weddings MagazineWe love the outdoors so we tried to incorporate all things nature as much as possible, which also worked well since Tom is a talented carpenter.  He made all the centerpieces and pie displays.Colorado Weddings Magazine

Colorado Weddings Magazine BlogOne of the most memorable moments was the sunshine!  It rained each day the week before and rained the day after, but the day of the wedding we had beautiful sunshine.  We couldn’t help but think that Nana had put in a good word for us.
Colorado Weddings Magazine BlogThe first look was so awesome.  Tom was able to give me such a sense of calm, and I needed that calm before I walked down in the aisle in front of 250 people.Colorado Weddings Magazine BlogWalking down the aisle is my next most favorite memory because the music I walked into was a recording of my Nana playing the hymn ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ on the piano.Colorado Weddings Magazine BlogDuring the ceremony, a bee starting buzzing around my bouquet and around my head.  It flew away and I don’t think anyone else noticed besides Tom, but it was all I could do to not run screaming back down the aisle!Colorado Weddings Magazine Blog

Colorado Weddings Magazine BlogI’m an avid musician so I used a lot of sheet music in our décor.Colorado Weddings Magazine BlogWe had great food, a small fire for roasting marshmallows, horseshoes, fourwheeler rides for the kids, and dancing into the wee hours for the adults!Colorado Weddings Magazine BlogWe loved everything about our wedding, but what we really enjoyed along with our guests, were the homemade desserts.Colorado Weddings Magazine Blog We aren’t big fans of cake, especially wedding cake, so pies, brownies, and cookies were a better fit.

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  1. Black Mountain Dude Ranch on May 8, 2012 at 6:03 am

    That looks like a fantastic wedding! The sheet music is a wonderful touch to a ranch wedding. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!