Intimate Elopement

From the bride, Lynette:
We wanted to elope, but we also wanted something more than just a few minutes in a courthouse and a couple of snapshots.  We wanted to create a meaningful ceremony that represented how lucky we felt to be together.  It might be just the two of us, but we felt we deserved all the trimmings!  William called it “the biggest little wedding” because we figured out all the details (venue, clothes, flowers, cake, etc.) of a standard-sized wedding but proportionate to just the two of us.  Our journey to be together had been over a long period of time and we wanted our ceremony to provide time for us to savor the sweetness of being with one another.  Planning our weekend was a great source of excitement and delight for the two of us and a true team effort.

Photography by Carol Cardwell Photography

After our intimate vows, we had our own private picnic under the trees!  It was our moment to enjoy our ceremony and giggle about being married!

Our day was beyond wonderful – a beautiful beginning to the next chapter in our journey together.  Our photographers, Carol & Tiffany of Carol Cardwell Photography, captured the ceremony with a degree of precision that takes us back to the exact moment all over again – how we felt, the beauty surrounding us, and our moments of utter adoration and affection for each other.  We are so grateful for the amazing images captured by Carol and Tiffany!