Romance in the Park

Photography by Fresh In Love Photography

From the Bride, Vanessa:
Atiq and I wanted everything to be simple and cozy. We wanted to enjoy our wedding day and not plan a day for other people. The only details I wanted to plan was what we could carry in our picnic basket and, of course, what we would be wearing. I picked Cheesman park for its beautiful and solemn columns and picturesque settings. I wanted the balloons for a bouquet because ever since I was a kid I wanted to be carried away into the sky with balloons. I felt it would be a charming scene to be in a white dress stepping out of a yellow city taxicab with a bunch of balloons in toe.

All the details came from our hearts.  We wrote our vows, I made our cake, and even sculpted the wedding cake topper. We topped it off with the most romantic and unforgettable carriage ride to our favorite restaurant, Luca D’italia, where we had our wedding dinner. We planned it to be our romance day, and it was!