Simple Colorado Vintage

Rebecca & Matt | August 31st | Monument, Colorado

From the bride: My goal was to have a soft, simple yet rustic wedding that incorporated our beautiful Colorado location. We wanted our friends and family from the east coast to feel like they were getting the true Colorado experience. My three inspiring words became simple, vintage, and well, Colorado.


I am a crafter. That being said, almost every aspect of our wedding was personalized.

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The ceremony took place on a family friend’s property just feet away from their old and gorgeous red barn. It was the perfect place to create the eclectic outdoorsy feel we wanted. We decided to use a large amazing tree as our backdrop for the ceremony.


My Uncle, a wise man we both look up to, married us; his words of wisdom, encouragement, and truth from God’s word lead us through the ceremony.


My most memorable memory was when Matt and I took turns washing each other’s feet. We stopped and sat before each other to remind ourselves and the witnesses sitting before us, that we were committing to serving one another other in love. My sister and our two friends sang an acoustic and tear-jerking version of, “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz during this time.

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We used burlap runners on the cream-colored table clothes, and lanterns filled with pinecones and glittered rocks. We used small vintage mint vases with baby’s breath to add pops of color through out the table. There was a wide array of tin buckets filled with baby’s breath and glittery willow twigs in vases.

AndreaDahlberg0118 AndreaDahlberg0119

Above the candy table we created a Mr & Mrs Stevens sign, and hung it with clothes pins and hemp.


One of my favorite details was the old oven cake display.  Since Matt and I are not big cake lovers, we decided that we wanted my mother’s famous “Special K” bars, and just a small cake to cut. The homemade bars were an absolute hit.

AndreaDahlberg0121My advice: Make the wedding your own. After telling my ideas like, having my mom’s special bars instead of cake, eating barbeque, and setting up a candy table for guests, to a few women who got married about 20-30 years ago, the one thing they said to me was, “I wish I had made my wedding my own.” Let your wedding shine on your personality and your relationship. In the end, it is about you and your spouse joining in a life long covenant, and celebrating with your closest friends and family.


Rebecca & Matt

Photographer: Andrea Dahlberg Photography. She was AMAZING. Andrea and her family has been some of our closest family friends for a very long time, so I knew I could trust her and her artistic ability to shoot our special day. She captured the full emotion of the day, and created keepsakes that we will hold dear until the day we die.

Caterer: Front Range Barbeque. Unbelievable food. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants authentic good food to fit a barn setting. We had people coming up to us all night saying how amazing the food was. The staff was very easy to work with and did anything they could to help us with the day. 

Bride’s Gown: Pilar Aleece from Danelle’s Bridal