Climbers Tie the Knot at the Silverthorne Pavilion

Rachel & Brent  |  June 29th  |  Silverthorne Pavilion

From the bride:
We decided that anything we did had to be a reflection of “our” taste, not just one or the other. So we had a sit-down together to discuss and came out of it looking for a venue in the mountains (we are both huge outdoor enthusiasts), that had an outdoor ceremony site, and that felt intimate and down-to-earth. We ended up loving the Silverthorne Pavilion. It had the added perk of being a really cool vacation destination, and since most of our guests were from out of town, we thought that would show them a good time.


We are both really into climbing (that’s how we met), biking, hiking, and camping, so we went for a mix of rustic and contemporary. All of the details were nature-inspired, but the overall picture was contemporary.

KendalParavan02 KendalParavan03 KendalParavan04 KendalParavan05 KendalParavan06 KendalParavan07 KendalParavan08

The actual day was rainy, literally right up until 10 minutes before the ceremony! Then it just stopped and the sun came out for the rest of the day. 


One of my favorite elements was in the ceremony, we had our families add stones to create a cairn (a sort of guidepost made out of stones that climbers, hikers, and bikers use) to symbolize their guidance in our lives.

KendalParavan10 KendalParavan11 KendalParavan12

The biggest handmade DIY project was our escort cards. The tables were named after Colorado 14’ers, and the seating card was a topographical map of the mountain you were sitting at, overlaid with your name and tagged with a carabiner since we met climbing. Brent and his dad put together this awesome hanging display.


We made the wildflower seed envelopes for the favors. KendalParavan14

The guestbook was river stones that guests could write on and throw in a bell jar. 

KendalParavan15 KendalParavan16 KendalParavan17 KendalParavan18 KendalParavan19

My biggest advice is work with your budget. I made the mistake of starting to spend without portioning out money, and so the things that came first in planning are the ones that saw the most money. That meant that it got hard to work on things that came later, like the bar! My other advice is don’t get too involved in pinning, at a certain point you need to go out and see what’s actually available for your wedding and budget, and that’s way more fun than pinning!


Photographer:  Kendall Pavan Photography {website}
Venue:  The Silverthorne Pavilion.Very customizable and intimate.



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