Simply Perfect at Evergreen Lake House

From the bride, Kathy:  While we were dating, before we even talked about getting engaged, the first time we walked around Evergreen Lake, I knew that I wanted to get married there. Something about how beautiful and peaceful the area was that surrounded such a spectacular lake house was it. I was drawn to it instantly.  And naturally, everything happened there. The bridge where we took our engagement pictures and where we did our first look pictures the day of the wedding was where we got engaged.
KristinMae01We had grape soda pins (inspired by the Pixar film UP) made with our initials and wedding date printed on the inside. Those were given to the Groomsmen to wear as a boutonniere and attached to the bridesmaids’ bouquets.KristinMae02 KristinMae03 KristinMae04We met early before the ceremony for our “first look” pictures because it was important for us to spend as much time with our guests who traveled to our special day. Seeing each other for the first time was the most memorable moment of the day, perfect and intimate!

KristinMae05 KristinMae06 KristinMae07My older brother walked me down the aisle and I was just crying. Happy tears of course, but it was so emotional for me because we truly did have all the people that helped get my husband and I to where we were that day and it meant the world to us.  We wrote our own vows and hearing them for the first time was amazing.  

KristinMae08 KristinMae09 KristinMae10 KristinMae11For our guest book, Kyle’s mother made a quilt for guests to sign.  

KristinMae12Our cake was delicious.  The top tier was lemon cake with raspberry filling, the middle tier was marble cake with Boston creme filling and the main bottom tier was Peruvian cake with dulce de leche filling! KristinMae13

For the reception, my mom had traditional Vietnamese wedding outfits made for us (red for the bride and blue for the groom) and we surprised my grandmother by coming out dressed in them. She hadn’t had a grandchild get married the “traditional” way.  She was so happy to see this.

KristinMae14Our advice: Take the time to eat dinner and eat at least a full slice of cake… We were both so excited about the cake flavors that we chose during our tasting, but with trying to keep the party going we only had the bite that we fed each other after cutting the cake. Also, remember that your wedding day is about the two of you. Everything else will fall into place. KristinMae15


Venue:  EVERGREEN LAKE HOUSE. The most beautiful, peaceful and perfect location for a wedding. 

Photographer: Kristin Mae Photography   //  Caterer: Bistro Boys Catering  //  Cake: Azucar Bakery  //  Flowers: Stems

Wedding Gown Designer: Martina Liana