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Vintage Whimsy

Joy & Cody  |  August 25th  |  Bailey, Colorado

From the bride, Joy:
The entire inspiration of our wedding revolved around the most beautiful woman I know, my grandmother. Just a few weeks before the engagement, my best friend and sweet Grammy passed away. Living with us our whole lives and helping raise myself and my ten siblings, she couldn’t project anything more than selflessness and love. She was a florist so I decided to use pretty much everything of hers to design our wedding, including her favorite flowers and colors. It was bright, elegant and beyond charming, just like her sweet spirit. We used nearly all of the furniture in her house, whether it being a lounge area created at the reception, her bedside table underneath our altar for our communion elements or her old jewelry that composed my beautiful wedding belt. She was there in almost every aspect and it was such a great event to be able to honor her throughout that perfect day.
JoyCody01 JoyCody02We wanted a very eclectic day, filled with whimsy and charm, antiques and an organic vintage feel. We decided to create our own venue from scratch out in the middle of a mountain meadow at Deer Creek Valley Ranch. JoyCody03

JoyCody04 JoyCody05


Almost every single aspect of our wedding was personalized!  In fact, I think my family might kill me if I ever ask them to make anything ever again!

JoyCody07 JoyCody08JoyCody09 JoyCody10

 Cody built the altar that we were married under. My mother and I had collected a bunch of little vases and mason jars that we had hung from the altar all at different heights filled with beautiful wildflowers.


The music was all to our favorite band, Mumford and Sons, with the bridal party walking down the aisle to “Sigh No More” and myself entering in on a carriage and walking to  “Lover of the Light.” JoyCody12

As I walked toward Cody, his eyes were filled with tears and he couldn’t have lived up more to the words I spoke in my vows that “you are the most perfect combination of both strength and tenderness.

JoyCody13We had our good friend marry us and his words could not have been more beautifully assembled. We had two of our good friends play music in the wedding, one for communion that we took together and the other for a time of worship for us and our guests and family prayer.


My most memorable moment was hearing Cody’s breathtaking vows, there was not an eye at that wedding that was dry after he spoke, it was by far the most beautiful moment of my entire life hearing the most handsome man in the world committing his life to me. JoyCody15 JoyCody16

The ceremony was full of spirit, beauty and ultimate glory; it was evident what our covenant would be built upon. Every word spoken was powerful and to cap it off Cody kissed me like he never had before. Then I hiked up my dress and we ran to our carriage as Mumford and Sons played, “She said Yes.” It far surpassed every dream I ever had!

JoyCody18 JoyCody19 JoyCody20 JoyCody21 JoyCody22

The reception looked like a 1940’s picnic with antiques, vintage lights, bunting banners and a homemade photobooth. JoyCody23 JoyCody24 JoyCody25 JoyCody27

My favorite detail of the wedding was the different tables, how they were all themed with their own perfect cluster of antiques and with names inspired from different locations that had so much meaning to us!  For example: first kiss, proposal, favorite ice-cream shop, etc.


From the plates and table tops, to the unique photo booth, stunning flowers and charming attire, it was truly the wedding of our dreams. I believe that no matter what it is, beauty invites and that is why all of our guests fell in love and had the most wonderful time at a wedding that was beyond inviting to all of our hearts. JoyCody29

I would have to say one of the biggest highlights was dancing with my handsome groom for the first time.  We danced to Ingrid Michelson’s version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. It was truly the perfect night with the most perfect people!


My advice: A wedding does not have to take terribly long to plan! You can do it on your own terms and it can be absolutely breathtaking! We were not the waiting kind, if you know you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, why would you stretch that time out… We just didn’t see the point. Also, as difficult as it may be, do everything you can to limit your guest list down! We loved having so many great family and friends there but we felt like we weren’t able to just enjoy it as much as if we could have just celebrated and enjoyed the moment for exactly what it was. Another point, it is a big thing to do the first look and pictures before, not that that is bad, but nothing beats that moment of walking down the aisle towards your groom or having your bride approach you, the anticipation and the excitement is out of this world; all the pictures in the world couldn’t beat that. Also, when a problem arises, as frustrating as it is in the moment, everything will work out in the end you are getting married to your beloved, nothing beats that and nobody can steal that joy, nobody!



Event Planner: Jessica McTaggert with Pink Champagne Events.
I couldn’t recommend anyone higher than this woman, she saved the day for us and pulled the whole wedding together in 5 short weeks! She loved us well and heard us every step of the way! She was truly amazing and I cannot imagine it would have been the same without her.

{Rockstar} Rentals: Rocky Mountain Wine Barrel Company. The wine barrels were very affordable and they are great to work with!

Photographer: Haley Sheffield PhotographyHaley was truly a gem! She has the sweetest heart and our connection was instant, she will be a soul friend and is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met.

Caterer:  Occasions CateringI would definitely recommend them to every person getting married! The food was phenomenal and I heard from everyone that it was absolutely delicious! They were also extremely affordable, I was amazed by the pricing and their professional nature, very blessed to have found this caterer and at such last minute!

Tent & Party Rentals: Event Rents. They were absolutely great and had so many options to choose from! I would definitely recommend them to any and every one!

Bundt Cakes: The Bundt Shoppe. They were absolutely delicious and were a pleasure to work with! Had a blast at the tasting and they were extremely professional the whole way through.

Wedding Gown: Little White DressI would recommend them to anyone looking for their wedding gown, they were so professional and were just so great the entire time!

Horse Drawn Carriage:  Kiowa Creek Coaches. They were great and very professional; would definitely recommend them to others.

Vintage lighting: LMD Productions.  They did a wonderful job and were always upfront and honest about what was possible and not possible. They were a joy to work with.

Florist: Jan Woogland (Family Friend)  //  Cupcakes: Yours Truly Bakery

Honeymoon Location: Playa Del Carmen Mexico! So beautiful and way too many laughs to even count!

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A Fun Denver Celebration by Shelley Coar Photography

Marybeth & Joe |  May 12th |  Denver, Colorado

From the bride, Marybeth:
We wanted our wedding to be a perfect mix of both traditional and laid back with fun elements. We wanted to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and taken care of while having a great time celebrating. The décor from the flowers, table settings, and covered chairs were traditional and mixed with more modern elements such as a photo booth, cake pops, live band, and a lot of dancing.

Photography by  Shelley Coar Photography


My saintly Mom refurbished a Red Radio Flyer Wagon into a prince carriage for my two nephews that were adorned in silver and baby blue suits and ties and accompanying and sparkles.ShellyCoar07

We ourselves, our families, and our friends represent a mixed bag of religions, beliefs, and backgrounds and we wanted to make sure that our ceremony was welcoming to all and spoke to all walks of life in some way.

ShellyCoar08ShellyCoar09ShellyCoar10We added our Keys to Love, which we asked invitees to write their most important piece of relationship advice. These responses will continue to serve as our manifesto for our happy marriage.


 Our reception was held at the Pinnacle Club at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver. The Pinnacle Club is a perfect venue for a fantastic panorama view of Denver and the Rocky Mountains and a level of hospitality that creates an intimate, elegant, and laid-back Colorado atmosphere.


My advice:  Celebrate. Celebrate milestones before your wedding day. Celebrate determining your wedding date, your bridesmaids dresses or your groomsmen outfits, your cake, your honeymoon plans, your makeup artist, your band, whatever it is – celebrate!

And finally, write a note to each other on your wedding day. It doesn’t need to be a gift, but a written pledge of how much the other means to you, how exciting this day is, how you see your future, and how committed you are, why, and how until you’re old and gray.


Photographer: Shelley Coar Photography {more info  |  website}
Reception Site & Lodging: Grand Hyatt Denver  //  Musicians: Denver’s Heartbeat   //  Wedding Gown: Maggie Sottero from The Bridal Collection  //   Makeup: Victoria Rene Makeup Art

Honeymoon Location: Grand Hyatt, Kauai

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Vintage Country Chic at Denver Botanic Gardens

Erin & Jeremy |  August 31st  |  {Rockstar VenueDenver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield

From the bride, Erin:
Jeremy and I were engaged for a year and a half before our wedding. We had plenty of time to research vendors, work on projects and most importantly save money for the wedding. We made all our decisions together and did most of the work ourselves. I’m glad we had so much time to plan and save but it did dominate our (or at least my) thoughts on a daily basis so it was nice to actually have the wedding and be done with all the planning! We called on our friends and family to help out instead of getting so many vendors involved. I had close friends make the flower arrangements, my mom and aunt made the cupcakes and we had friends be in charge of the music. Overall things came together the day of the wedding and it turned out better than we ever imagined!




{Rockstar VenueDenver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield

Photographer:  Elevate Photography  //  Transportation: Banjo Billy’s Bus  //  Dress Store: The Alter  //  Caterer: The Food Guy

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