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A Fall Wedding in the Rockies

Kelsey & Phil  |  October 5th  |  Estes Park, Colorado

Kelsey and Phil wanted a small intimate mountain wedding. They woke up to snow in Estes Park the morning of their early autumn wedding, so the ceremony had to be moved indoors. That did not stop the bridal party from going up to Lily Lake for portraits in the fog. Thankfully, the snow had melted by then. Kelsey wanted to incorporate some international traditions into the ceremony. Both the mother of the bride and groom had signing bowls and used them at one point in the ceremony to symbolize their union.
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Photographer: Shelley Coar Photography   //  Venue: Taharaa Mountain Lodge  //  Caterer: A Spice of Life  //  Flowers: Floral Design of Europe

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Homemade on the Farm

Jessie & Doug  |  June 1st  |  Haxtun, Colorado

From the bride, Jessie:
When I originally started dreaming about our wedding, I just knew it HAD to be on my grandparents’ farm. They have a Quonset building that I pictured being the perfect setting. But, how do you make a Quonset look like a wedding reception? That seemed to be the question, and my honest answer is—with the help of family and friends. There is NO way we could have pulled this off on our own. From tables and chairs, to a tent, to decorations, to the fact that the entire building had only a couple outlets….we enlisted the help of many. And, the end result was something that far surpassed our original vision. It was beautiful and very much US.

KierstaRhodes01 KierstaRhodes02 KierstaRhodes03 KierstaRhodes04 KierstaRhodes05 KierstaRhodes06 KierstaRhodes07 KierstaRhodes08

I loved each and every handmade detail. I loved the time we spent together, creating and making each one. Even though, it may be stressful to DIY, it was worth it for the memories made while doing so.

KierstaRhodes09 KierstaRhodes10 KierstaRhodes11One thing I really wanted to do was a cookies and milk toast for the kids (I am a preschool teacher), so in the week before the wedding I baked 8 dozen cookies to pair with the milk in champagne flutes.


My advice: Make your wedding not only about you, but those who love and support you as well. Prioritize what’s most important when you envision your wedding day, and know that you may have to let some things go. And, no matter how much time you have to plan for your wedding, don’t fool yourself into thinking you have “plenty” of time. Get done what you can get done as SOON as you can get it done! And, then enjoy and take in as much of your day as you can.   


Photographer: Kiersta Rhodes Photography, Kiersta is simply amazing. Her eye for detail, and her passion for photography make her the perfect photographer. She really gets to know her clients on a more personal level, which makes it a much more intimate experience.  DJ: Unique Audio  //  Florist: A Country Touch

Honeymoon Location: Our honeymoon was in Negril, Jamaica at the Couples Resort, which Doug managed to keep a secret from me until the day after our wedding. We had a great time, and it was so beautiful there.

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A Touch of Vintage Flair

Carrie & John |  February 16th | Cascade, Colorado

From the bride, Carrie:
Our wedding day was a beautiful, Colorado Saturday with bright sunshine and no wind.  A perfect day to get married!! I took the advice of many friends that said, “just slow down and enjoy it,” and “just capture the moments and don’t worry about the little things.”  I’m glad I didn’t fret the small stuff.  John and I both had waited a long time to get married and we wanted to cherish the day and really “feel it.”  We didn’t want the day to come and go in such a breeze that we didn’t get to capture the beauty and joy in it, and lucky for us, it didn’t.  It was lovely in every imaginable way.  

AshleyDurham01 AshleyDurham02 AshleyDurham03 AshleyDurham04 AshleyDurham05 AshleyDurham06 AshleyDurham07 AshleyDurham08 AshleyDurham09 AshleyDurham10

I have always loved vintage postcards.  Instead of giving each table an assigned number, we thought, why not give the tables an assigned place where John and I spent time together and places we have memories together?  We had 8 tables, each with some of our favorite places.  For example, there was Sausalito (where we were engaged); San Luis Valley in Colorado (where John’s family ranch was always a favorite camping trip); fabulous Denver (where I lived for a year and half while we were dating and where we have many memories), Colorado Springs (where we met), etc. AshleyDurham11 AshleyDurham12


Photographer: Ashley Durham Photography  //  Event Planner: Delighted Events  //  Ceremony: Holy Rosary Chapel  //  Reception Site & Caterer: The Mining Exchange  //  Flowers: Ambience Floral

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