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A Dreamy Romance

Erin & Jason  |  May 26th  | Sedalia, Colorado

From the bride, Erin:
I pretty much knew the style I wanted right off the bat, timeless, but with freshness, newness and a lot of uniqueness.  I chose a soft color palette with shades of blush pinks, lilacs, peach and golds. I tried to do a lot of things myself not only to be wise with my budget but also just because I enjoy this kind of stuff.


When we had looked for a venue I was looking for something very specific. I had always dreamed of being married in a garden and then having an outdoor evening reception. Castle Cliff was ideal because of the beautiful gardens and intimacy of the whole venue. It was the second place we went and saw and we knew it was the place. I couldn’t imagine myself walking down the aisle to Jason in any other location.


We really wanted our guests to feel like they were coming into our own private home and feel comfortable. 


The headband I wore was really special. I made it and incorporated one of my great grandma’s bracelets into it. So it was unique and special.

LunaPhoto04 LunaPhoto05 LunaPhoto06

My favorite detail was the flowers. They were so stunning and exactly what I had wanted. I just loved the way they pulled everything together.


Our ceremony was really personal to us and everything just felt like a big family party. Both of us had been a little leery of sharing such intimate things with so many people watching. But when he began to share his heart with me everyone disappeared and I knew everything he was saying was from his heart and he meant every word.

LunaPhoto08 LunaPhoto09 LunaPhoto10 LunaPhoto11

One of the things I really loved about the reception was the ability to move our guests around to different locations within the venue. I really wanted to try to get away from that typical ballroom/banquet feel where you sit in the same place all night, have small talk for a little bit, but then just get quiet and bored. It happens so often at weddings and I wanted to create different conversation atmospheres to keep everything feeling fresh and different. Castle Cliff gave me the perfect place to accomplish that.


My mom and I searched for about 3 months for all the different pieces we used on the tables. A vast majority of the centerpiece vases were just old glass vases we both had from just over the years and I spray painted them all gold. Super easy and green! All the table overlays we made too.

LunaPhoto13 LunaPhoto14 LunaPhoto15


Photographer: Josh Luna Fine Art Photography. Josh was so wonderful to work with and extremely talented. He did more than I could have ever imagined with our photos and day of was such a joy to work with. He was able to capture shots without feeling like a nosy paparazzi, which was really enjoyable.

Cake: The Bundt Shoppe. I loved my cake and how it all turned out. I had a two tier cutting cake for Jason and I and then several mini bundt cakes for the dessert bar. All the guests loved them too.

Florist: Littleton Flower Shop. Dawn was incredible. I had met with several florists and she was the only one who truly understood what I wanted and was able to grasp my vision and be creative on her own.  She went above and beyond what I could ever imagine and I was beyond thrilled.

Wedding Gown: Vera Wang from The Nordstrom Wedding Suite  //  Bridesmaid Dresses: Monique Lhuillier from The Nordstrom Wedding Suite  //  Men’s Wear: Black by Vera Wang

Honeymoon Location: Saint Lucia

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A Rocky Mountain Proposal

From the Photographer, Brianne of Captivated Photography
Corbyn collaborated every detail with Captivated Photography to carry out this incredibly special proposal to Caroline. From scoping out the location in the foothills of Boulder days before the proposal, to picking out the bush in which we would hide behind, to where he would lay their picnic blanket, Corbyn had every thoughtful detail planned to a tee for this most perfect proposal to the love of his life, Caroline. The proposal was pulled off without a hitch, and watching the surprise and love in Caroline’s eyes as Corbyn made a promise to love her forever was absolutely incredible. It was an incredibly sweet, special, and intimate moment spent between these two, and the start to their brand new life together. We could not have been more excited to have had the chance to capture this big moment, and we look forward to their Winter wedding this December!

CaptivatedPhoto02CaptivatedPhoto01 CaptivatedPhoto03 CaptivatedPhoto04 CaptivatedPhoto05 CaptivatedPhoto06 CaptivatedPhoto07 CaptivatedPhoto08 CaptivatedPhoto09 CaptivatedPhoto10 CaptivatedPhoto11

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A Touch of Vintage Flair

Carrie & John |  February 16th | Cascade, Colorado

From the bride, Carrie:
Our wedding day was a beautiful, Colorado Saturday with bright sunshine and no wind.  A perfect day to get married!! I took the advice of many friends that said, “just slow down and enjoy it,” and “just capture the moments and don’t worry about the little things.”  I’m glad I didn’t fret the small stuff.  John and I both had waited a long time to get married and we wanted to cherish the day and really “feel it.”  We didn’t want the day to come and go in such a breeze that we didn’t get to capture the beauty and joy in it, and lucky for us, it didn’t.  It was lovely in every imaginable way.  

AshleyDurham01 AshleyDurham02 AshleyDurham03 AshleyDurham04 AshleyDurham05 AshleyDurham06 AshleyDurham07 AshleyDurham08 AshleyDurham09 AshleyDurham10

I have always loved vintage postcards.  Instead of giving each table an assigned number, we thought, why not give the tables an assigned place where John and I spent time together and places we have memories together?  We had 8 tables, each with some of our favorite places.  For example, there was Sausalito (where we were engaged); San Luis Valley in Colorado (where John’s family ranch was always a favorite camping trip); fabulous Denver (where I lived for a year and half while we were dating and where we have many memories), Colorado Springs (where we met), etc. AshleyDurham11 AshleyDurham12


Photographer: Ashley Durham Photography  //  Event Planner: Delighted Events  //  Ceremony: Holy Rosary Chapel  //  Reception Site & Caterer: The Mining Exchange  //  Flowers: Ambience Floral

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  • Michelle S Hanks July 11, 2013 6:53 pm

    What a beautiful wedding, her choice of table "places" is creative and the images are spectacular!
  • Rayna July 15, 2013 9:49 am

    I love the touch of turquoise in her bouquet!
  • Brooks Luby July 21, 2013 5:02 am

    This is so darling, I'm such a sucker for vintage weddings!!
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